Giving Thanks

Dear Benefactors of IHM Restoration,

It is a time for giving thanks again. Firstly we thank God who has given us charge of this project who without His help we can do nothing. Secondly, we thank each and every one of you for your generous support since June of this past year. Many of you have sent checks, and offerings of support to our restoration effort. Only God can reward your generosity.

Please know that you will be remembered at Masses offered for you all during this coming year beginning in January. It's the only and best way we can thank you. Please pray for us as we actively continue our fundraising in the New Year.

Please see our Christmas appeal letter, and make copies to pass on to your loved ones and friends. Together we can make this happen, and we can again be proud of our church and our Holman community. We also will have a memorial plaque with names of you and your loved ones. Memorial bricks can also be purchased to line the floor around the grotto to Our Lady.

Please check our website to better see the progress. Also, please stop by if you live in the vicinity of Holman or even if you don't. Stop by and offer a prayer for our restoration.

We greatly appreciate any help you can be to us, your time, your talent. and treasurer, but most importantly yours prayers... Thank you...

In her Immaculate heart,

David and Barbara Kuehl / Mayordomos of Holman Mission

P.S. Please make checks payable to St. Gertrude's Church. IHM Restoration Project. Thank You.